Screen Making Supplies


Sefar Pro-M-Coat Dual Edge Scoop Coater

The Sefar Pro-M-Coat Scoop Coater is used to apply emulsion to the screen.

This dual edge coater has both round and sharp edges for more coating choices. Victory Factory Scoop coater

All Sefar coaters are made to order to your size requirements.

All sizes of coaters from 4" to 72" are available. Custom made to order. One day service.

Call: 718-454-2255 for pricing.


Victory-Factory Tension MeterVictory-Factory Tension Meter

A tension meter is a must for good screen making. The newest Victory Factory meter reads screen tension from 7 to 50 newtons and features springless operation for consistent accuracy.

Special Offer $399.


Victory-Factory Tension Meter

Stainless Steel Ink KnifeInk Knives

Stainless Steel Blade. 1"x 6"
10.5" Overall Length
Flexible, Solid Wood Handle
$14.95 Stainless Steel Blade. 1.5"x10"
15.5" Overall Length
Flexible, Solid Wood Handle


Plastic Ink ScoopsPlastic Ink Scoops

Two sizes available.

Large 12" (for gallons $2.19 each

Small 8" (for quarts) $1.79 each

Victory Factory Spray HoseQuart Size Plastic Ink Cans With Lid

Every printer can use these handy quart size ink tubs. Supplied with tight fitting lids, they are perfect for storing leftover inks and special colors.

$1.79 ea. with lid

Victory Factory Spray HoseQuart Size Spray Bottles

These are special chemical resistant sprayers used to dispense common screen printing chemicals like ink wash and degreaser. High volume spray head and large 32oz bottle.

$3.99 ea.

Hinge Clamp Set


Turn any surface into a screen printing setup. Two Clamp Set

Cast  Set Of 2 HINGEC $22.95 screws included

New design Light Weight 1/16" Minimum Off Contact* great for paper/fine art



Nylon Scrubbing Pad With Handle Small Scrub Brush

Use this scrubbing pad to apply cleaners to your screens. Fast working with good coverage for haze removal and degreasing. 3-1/2" x 6" pad.

$2.95 ea


Plastic Applicators Plastic Applicators

These all plastic squeegees are used for application of glue, blockout etc. Two sided, available in 1-1/2" or 2" width.

$ 0.95 ea

Albatross/Expert SP3000 Cleaning GunAlbatross/Expert SP3000 Cleaning Gun

3000 PSI Adjustable flow rate and nozzle.
SP3000 $171.99 reg price

click here for SP3000 + 1 Gallon SPIF2 special $139.