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Victory Factory  Inkjet Films

Victory Factory ink jet filmThe latest development in Ink Jet film technology. Our film works with all ink jet printers. Transparent, with great light transmission and capable of producing the best blacks from your ink jet. Water resistant, super fast drying. Available in several sizes. Packed in 25 - 50 - 100 sheets. Also available in rolls.                 

Size 25 sheets 50 sheets 100 sheets
8.5" x 11 " $14.95 $24.95 $36.00
8.5" x 14 " $17.50 $29.95 $45.00
11" x 17" $24.95 $44.95 $54.00
13" x 19" $29.95 $54.95 $69.00
17" x 22"     $105.00
13" x 100ft ROLL $65.39  
17" x 100ft ROLL $85.60  
24" x 100ft ROLL $121.12  
36" x 100ft ROLL $181.60  


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Victory Factgory test print squaresVictory Factory Test Print Squares

Test Print Squares Variety Pack
200 sheets:
100 - White
50 - Black
50 - Rainbow

100pc - 21.95
500pc - 84.95
100pc - 21.95
500pc - 84.95
100pc - 24.95
500pc - 110.00

Note: 100pc rainbow has 20ea of red, blue, grey, tan, green. no black or white


Ulano Capillary Films

Ulano Vision Capillary Film in rollsChromaline capillary film

Vision is a diazo photopolymer dual cure capillary film with excellent imaging properties. Available in 25" wide x 394" rolls. Best for Plastisol and solvent based inks.

Vision Film Rolls Roll Size Each Use for:
35 micron Vision Film 25"x394"' $110.39 (175-305 mesh)
50 micron Vision Film 25"x394" $119.95 (83-195 mesh)
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Ulano EZ Film Sheets

Chromaline capillary film

Ulano EZ Film in sheets is a great alternative for the printer who wants the convenience of capillary sheet film at an affordable price. Available in two sizes: 15"x17" and 17"x24"

EZ Film Sheets Size   Use for:
50 micron Ulano EZ Film 15"x17" 5-Pack $10.95 (83-195 mesh)
50 micron Ulano EZ Film 17"x24" 5-Pack $12.95 (83-195 mesh)
50 micron Ulano EZ Film 15"x17" 50 Pack $63.95 (83-195 mesh)
50 micron Ulano EZ Film 17"x24" 50 Pack $89.95 (83-195 mesh)

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Blockout PenBlockout Pen

The original Blockout Pen from 1st Print. Use in screenmaking department or on press for quick pinhole repair and touchup work. Fast drying, dependable, large size. Order green pen for solvent based ink, blue pen for water based ink.

8.49 ea

Economical Heavy Duty Wiping TowelsNEW! Wiping Towels

Absorbent - Economical Heavy Duty - Cloth Like Pop Up Dispenser Pack


Box of   90            - $10.44
Case of 10 boxes - $104.40

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Permanent Blockout Tape

blockout tape for screen printingStrong plastic backing. Impervious to solvents. Use on both sides for permanent screen protection.

 2"x36yds 1 Roll - $4.99 ea - case/36 $4.74

3"x36yds 1 Roll - $7.39 ea - case/24 $7.02  4"x36yds1Roll - $9.79 ea - case/18 $9.30

Removable Blockout Tape

blockout tape for screen printingPMI tape is for printers who want the ability to remove the blockout tape cleanly and completely after it does the job. Great for those who restretch their screens. Comes in two types: Clear QuickRip is for general blockout use and has a blue non adhesive strip for easy pickup and removal. White Split Tape is great for roller frame and static frame users for keeping your frame free of ink and adhesive. Economical 60yd rolls

QuickRip   Clear    2"x60yds  1 Roll - $5.78

Split Tape White    3"x60yds 1 Roll - $8.75

Pallet Protek

Pallet protek reduces cleanup timeApply 1-3 layers to pallet before using adhesive spray. Heat and solvent resistant. Increase production - save cleanup time. When surface is dirty, just remove a layer and continue printing!

18" x 100 yd roll - 61.49
24" x 100 yd roll - 81.95