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Emulsions & Chemicals


Ulano Proclaim EmulsionUlano Proclaim Emulsion

for plastisol and solvent based inks

Proclaim is a classic diazo sensitized two part emulsion that is low cost and high quality. Our go to product for T Shirt printing.

28 oz- $19.71
Gallon - $43.63

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Proclaim Clear also available

400R Liquid Screen Reclaiming ConcentrateEasiway Supra Ink & Stencil Remover

Liquid screen reclaiming and plastisol ink removal concentrate in one step. For use in dip tanks. Low cost, saves time.

$31.95 - Gallon



Ulano LX-660 Emulsion for water based printingUlano LX-660 Emulsion

The perfect emulsion for water based printing. Pink color. Two part diazo sensitized. Super water resistance, also works well with Plastisol inks.

Quart - $26.99
Gallon - $62.35

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Ulano QX-1 Photopolymer EmulsionUlano QX-5 One Part Pure Photopolymer Emulsion

New Ulano QX-5 pure photopolymer one part emulsion. No mixing required. Blue color, fast exposing and long shelflife.
High solids content for smooth screen coating. QX-5 is resistant to most solvent based inks and some short runs with water based inks.

28oz - $21.79
Gallon- $55.08

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Victory Factory Screen Reclaimer Concentrate

This liquid reclaimer concentrate contains the same ingredients as the powerful powder reclaimers but is safer to use and to ship.

One Quart bottle makes 1-2 Gallons when mixed with water.

ChromaBrade mesh abrader and degreaser


Quart - $21.95

makes 1-2 Gallons



Ulano Trifecta Emulsion


Fast exposing. Use for all ink systems including Plastisol, W.B. and Discharge. Violet Color

28oz -  $27.25
Gallon- $62.95

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Ulano Screen Filler No. 60 Ulano Screen Filler #60

High quality blue solvent resistant blockout solution for general screen filling and blockout. Reclaimable.

Quart - $14.95 Gallon - $26.95


Victory Factory Haze Remover

Franmar D-Haze GelOur new haze remover works great in solvent  based and plastisol ink ghosting. Apply after reclaiming or use as an enhanced ink wash. Keep from pooling in the screen to prevent mesh delamination.

Quart - $24.95

Gallon - $48.95


Victory Factory Degreaser quart bottleAqua-Wash

 New From Franmar. Aqua-Wash is an inkwash for water based printing. A big improvement over plain water, removes stubborn dried WB ink from screens.

Quart - $14.95

Gallon - $38.95

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Victory Factory Ink Wash quart bottleVictory Factory Ink Wash

A safe, low odor ink wash and degradient for plastisol inks. Nonflammable.

Quart -$13.95

Gallon - $33.95




Albatross SPIF-2 Cleaning FluidAlbatross SPIF-2 Spot Cleaning Fluid

Safer Formula, No Methylene Chloride. CSPIF2G

Gallon $64.15


Albatross SPIF-2 Cleaning FluidSaati HC-8 Hand Cleaner

Our favorite all around hand cleaner for screen printers. Works well on ink and grime.

Quart $13.95

Gallon $41.95







ChromaWe for adhesion of filmVictory Factory Screen Degreaser

Ready to use mesh prep. Biodegradable and non abrasive.Use to clean and prepare screens for optimal liquid emulsion and capillary film adhesion. Also great for removing harsh chemicals from your screen before storage.

Quart - $12.95

Gallon - $30.95

UlanoGel 23 Abrader/ Degreaser

UlanoGel 23 is a one step screen degreaser and abrader gel for treating your screen to enhance the adhesion of all stencils especially useful for capillary film.

Quart - $21.95

Franmar Soyscrub Hand Cleaner

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Adhesive Sprays

AlbaChem and Camie Screen Printing Sprays


Screen Opener Spray

Flash Cure Spray Adhesive #1786

*High heat resistant
* Clear
* Mist pattern

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case Price
5% discount



Screen Opener Spray

Screen Opener Spray # 1641

* Fast, on press cleaning of clogged screens * Saves time

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case Price
5% discount

Screen Opener Spray

General Purpose Spray Adhesive #1787

* High Yield
* All purpose screen printing spray

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case Price 5% discount


Screen Opener Spray

Saati Ultrafix PT

Liquid Pallet Adhesive Paint on, Long Lasting Reactivate with water

Quart - 21.49

Gallon - 41.95

Web Pallet Spray Adhesive #385

Web Pallet Spray Adhesive #1783

* Fast tack
* Great for fleece
* Web pattern

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case Price 5% discount



Screen Opener Spray

AlbaChem W.B Screen Opener Spray # 1632

* Screen Opener for Water Based Inks

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case

Web Pallet Spray Adhesive #385

Silicone Release Spray #1654

*Eliminate sticking of machinery
* Apply to bottom of screen
* easy pull-off after print stroke

#20 can - 6.49 ea
Full Case Price 5% discount