Victory Factory frame restretching . Dear restretch customers;

Order processing times are at approximately 10 working days. Please take this into consideration before sending your screens. You MUST remove all old mesh, tape and wet plastisol ink. There is a cleaning charge for screens returned dirty. We can NOT process screens with wet ink and will return them! All screens returned with mesh or tape on the top (stretching surface) will get a cleaning charge: up to 31" - $3. ea,  up to 40" - $5. ea, Over - 40" $7. ea

Screens manufactured with cyanoacrylate glue (AKA Instant Glue) present a special problem as this glue must be removed completely from the screens before we can restretch. Please allow extra time for this. Add $3. additional per screen.

We are doing our very best to get to your restretch orders as soon as possible without adversely affecting the delivery time on our new screens. For more information call 800-255-5335

Print a restretch form here to send with your screens to include your shipping and contact information.

12+ Frames = 5% Discount     24+ Frames = 7% Discount     48+ Frames = 10% Discount

Victory Factory frame restretching